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Tryptophonic Records

An ethical, experimental and independent record label focused on visionary music that exists outside conventional genre boundaries, moving indiscriminately through such various musical territories as psychedelia, ambient, experimental, noise, folk, pop & rock.

In an industry fuelled by exploitation, Tryptophonic is an attempt to operate a creative endeavour in a manner which not only tries to reduce negative social and environmental impact, but also act as an example that it is possible to act in an ethical way and not give in to the pressures of the marketplace.

Established in 1998 (& originally called Novy Mir Productions), Tryptophonic is essentially a one-person operation that has resolutely maintained it's ethical standards over the years, occasionally blipping out and then back into existence.

All music from Tryptophonic is released under Creative Commons licenses - meaning that (among other things) you're able to download everything for free. While you can access everything for no cost, you are encouraged to financially support free and ethical art if you are able and willing via our Ko-fi page or via links on each release page. Any support - financial, emotional or philosophical - is deeply appreciated!

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