Strange Lands

Play 01 Play 01 Harmonic Crystals 5:26
Play 02 Play 02 Wildwood Caverns 5:18
Play 03 Play 03 Pollen 5:14
Play 04 Play 04 Below Beneath 14:14
Play 05 Play 05 Smoulder 6:25

**An experimental evocation of surreal and half-forgotten landscapes interwoven into a rich textural tapestry **

Awash with ambient electronics and composed mainly with the ethereal sounds of Indian sarangi, Strange Lands is a journey through transformation and evolving mind-scapes exploring the deep undergrowth of a dank, dark forest and emerging spellbound.

Jolanda Moyle - sarangi, guitars, vocals, synths, programming

All songs composed by Jolanda Moyle.

File under: psychedelic folk, electronic
Date: 2019
CatNo: TRP033

Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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