Do Birds Dream in Song?

Play 01 Play 01 Ash 1:52
Play 04 Play 04 Oak Lodge 3:26

What if the our collective unconscious was a real place? A musical journey through literary and philosophical landscapes.

A collaboration between Gilli Smyth, Maxwell Volume & members of Third Sky, this EP is inspired by visionary British author Robert Holdstock's Mythago Wood series of novels. Released to commemorate what would have been Gilli Smyth's 90th birthday. Gilli and Max worked heavily on an album of material, but Gilli was sadly unable to work on the album due to failing health. These tracks represent some of the most complete taken from sessions for the album.

Gilli Smyth - vocals
Maxwell Volume - guitars, synths, programming, production
Jem Edwards - piano (2 & 5), drums (4)
Rebeka Phoenix - guitar (3), vocals (3)

File under: electronic, ambient, spoken
Date: 2023
CatNo: TRP036

Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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