A strange degraded image with a white strip containing the word "tripswyche" on it. A strange degraded image with a white strip containing the word "tripswyche" on it.


Play 01 Play 01 An Unexpected Exposition 7:00
Play 02 Play 02 Invention is the Mother of Necessity 3:25
Play 03 Play 03 Reality TV 8:42
Play 04 Play 04 The Game of Life 7:00
Play 05 Play 05 You Again? 2:02
Play 06 Play 06 Postulate 2:37
Play 07 Play 07 Jovial Expiration 4:29
Play 08 Play 08 After I 3:27
Play 09 Play 09 Tone 7:07
Play 10 Play 10 Braincell Passing By 5:11
Play 11 Play 11 Excuse me while I collect Myself 2:06
Play 12 Play 12 Edgeways 5:28
Play 13 Play 13 Under the Sky 2:11

After the live Death Ritual performance with Daevid, Tripswyche realised they were onto a good (or at least weird) thing, and entered the studio to experiment. They also did a series of small experimental gigs around Brisbane and Northern NSW at this time. These tracks are taken from some of these events, as well as some studio experiments.

Daevid Allen - vocals, guitar
Maxwell Volume - guitars, synths, programming, production
Kavi Samut - vocals, many various bells & whistles, percussion, allsorts Misbah - vocals

File under: psychedelic
Date: 2005 CatNo: TRP036

Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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