About Tryptophonic Records

Tryptophonic Records is an ethical, experimental and independent record label with a specific focus on ambient, psychedelic, visionary, outsider and experimental music. It has been a labour of love run by Maxwell Volume since the late 90s.

The original incarnation of the label was established in 1998 as Novy Mir Productions, originally publishing both cds and books - this was well before the concept of a netlabels, so no downloads in those days. The label was originally established to publish works by musicians and writers such as Homeostasis, Michael Moorcock, Max Wilcox, Alpha Omega & Arseradish.

After a few years, Max began regular collaborations with Australian contingent of the Gong family, namely Daevid Allen & Gilli Smyth, which lead him to collaborating in a record label Flamedog Records with Daevid & Gilli's son Orlando Allen.

After parting ways with Flamedog in 2016, Max returned to the idea of small press publishing again, now that the technology had caught up with his concept of fully independent, ethical art.